We would also like to remind you that the railway station in Wrocław has often served as a space open to contemporary art, often in its most experimental forms. This set is not closed yet. We are only just opening our archive. The works that we have discovered are presented in the form of documentation, inviting both the residents of Wrocław and visitors to explore the otherwise inaccessible nooks and crannies of our new gallery. Thus, to some extent the exhibition will resemble a house-warming party, since this time we do not separate the space for the "team" from the space for "visitors". This way we would like to make everyone feel a part of our experience as new settlers.

In the Archive as far:

Czesław Chwiszczuk, selected photographs from the exhibition Take a Look as You Come by, Wroclaw Glowny Raliway station, 1993

Mariusz Mikołajek, Christos Mandzios
Performance Sowing, video recording: Czesław Chwiszczuk

Photographic documentation of the 4th edition of Survival– Art Overview in Extreme Circumstances
Artists presented:

Bartek Adamczyk
Justyna Adamczyk
Tiado Almeida
Piotr Asfeld
Michał Bieniek
Iza Chamczyk
Competition Group (Natalia Fiedorczuk group)
Krystian Truth Czaplicki
Łuhuu! Group (Karina Marusińska, Katarzyna Goleń, Agnieszka Rzeźniak, Natalia Rzeźniak-Pospieszalska)
Dagmara Hoduń
Paweł Jarodzki
Knock out design
Monika Konieczna
Jerzy Kosałka
Monika Marek & Aleksandra Kuczara
Izabela Marszałek
Kamil Moskowczenko
Tomasz Opania
Maciej Panas
Michał Skoczek
Anna Szczepańska
Tekla Woźniak
Małgorzata Zborowska
Maria Zuba