Parallel Cases
Karolina Wiktor

a two-channel radio play, 40'00" (Parallel Cases read by Karolina Wiktor, Down the Volga through Aphasia by Agata Góral, actress at the Teatr Studio in Warsaw), book

The inspiration for the work Parallel Cases comes not only from an analogy to the mathematical definition. Above all, it is an attempt to understand the changes occurring in us – in the biological organism, which in turn constitutes a part of a larger group called the society.

The starting point is the condition that I developed a few years ago, and which I still have to deal with today – aphasia. During the rehabilitation I wrote a book Down the Volga through Aphasia, a mental and intellectual journey, in which – with scribbles and curved letters – I attempted to describe my new world: the world of Aphasia, to feel its atmosphere and to get to know its architecture. I would not have done that if it weren't for the aneurysm in my brain and two strokes… Today I am 9 years old and my mindset has changed… And precisely for this reason – in order to understand the new reality I started to create an analogous journey, the difference being that I write about the socio-political situation that I have been observing for several years at home and abroad. It turns out that the worlds intertwine and form a multidimensional kaleidoscope – it is only up to us whether we want to understand it. Perhaps we should listen to each other first...