Turrorism all inclusive
Nomadic State (Karolina Mełnicka and Stach Szumski)

Installation: animation, collage, sheet metal, towels, sand

In November 2017, at the time when the attacks on the mosque in al-Ravda, Karolina Mełnicka and Stach Szumski travel across the Egyptian coast of Sinai.

This journey is the starting point for a project in which the artists confront the practices of tourism organized by travel agencies with free, spontaneous exploration of Egypt on your own. However, the idyllic vision of a tourist paradise has been replaced by scenes of destruction. For several years now, terrorist attacks against various religious groups have been taking place on Egyptian territory, which effectively prevents tourists from travelling to these areas. The image of this tourism-dependent country is now defined by a new, post-apocalyptic coastal landscape – seen through the lens of the skeletons of unfinished and abandoned buildings, and the ruins of once popular hotel resorts.