Honorata Martin

installation made with objects left by Ewa Ciwczyńska-Martin
collaboration: Maksymilian Podleśny

I want to build a sensible model made of things which lost their meaning, a model reminding of those who lost their foundation of security and permanence. I want to face issues I feel overshadowed with since I was a child. I wonder if such attachment to things still makes sense in the modern world, or will various forms of nomadism dominate in the near future" writes Honorata Martin in the commentary to her work.

The work was created out of the need to deal with what remains after one dies. Things that during their lifetime served as furniture, favourite dishes, necessary tools, collected over the years, now break in half. Suddenly, they become too important – as a monument to one’s life aspirations, symbolic and material investments – and at the same time, in the context of real needs, completely useless. Deciding on a risky and emotionally challenging act of destroying the objects dear to her, the artist transforms this peculiar excess of permanence into a sign of readiness to share her world with others.

The work has won the Spojrzenia 2017 award.
Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage as part of the "National Collections of Contemporary Art" programme.