It's Hard To Get To That Place Where You Just Don't Care
Krystian Truth Czaplicki

lacquered steel, mannequin, mask, hat

Sculpture or object? It is difficult to determine the status of Truth's works. In the process of their production he uses mass-produced carriers of contemporary forms serving various purposes of human existence. Here, the ready-made object consists of a mannequin in Rocky Balboa's mask, flying on the drone, captured in a grotesque shot, kept in the aesthetics of Sci-Fi films. The object is not to visualize the title, one rather completes the other, creating tension. The title refers to reaching the point where you no longer care about anything, where doubt becomes freedom. It is a moment of liberation from schemes and standards.

It is a work about searching, about emotional states, tension and anticipation, but also about distancing oneself from reality and failures of human efforts.

Photo: Bartosz Górka